Best Spinning Songs and Indoor Cycling Playlists - Music, Tracks, Profiles and Mixes 

What are the best indoor cycling songs for your class or solo trainer rides? When it comes to selecting the most motivational music for your indoor cycling classes, I recommend that you try to include several different genres in your routines and class profiles.

This site - Indoor Cycling Mixes - is all about finding that magic mix of classic rock, electronic, pop, mashups, remixes, trance, hell even the occasional country song - to create the perfect playlist. The playlist in a spin class is the virtual soundscape that we ride in and on. Like a real world landscape it sets the mood and most importantly sets the pace and riding terrain that the profile works against. With a good mix your riding cues will be amplified and reinforced by a great music.

How to Choose Music for Your Indoor Cycling Class or Solo Ride On Trainer

Rule #1: If the song does not move you don't use it. I learned this the hard way when I first started teaching. I copied other instructors top 40 pop selections. Oh man! What a mistake. I rarely like top 40. And actually find a lot of it boring. Anyway. My heart was not in the music and the profile I lead suffered. When I switched over to stuff I really liked the results were immediate. Sure some riders did not like what I was into. But my passion was there and riders always appreciate integrity and passion. This is the foundation

What is Indoor Cycling/Spinning (R) Music Mixes?

​So here is the deal.  Every week I release a top 10 indoor cycling songs of the week that rocked out in my classes. Every month I do a recap of the best of the best songs.

And once a year you will get my top 100 songs as voted my 1000's of riders and over 5,000 spin instructors who come to this site and the community Facebook page. You will not like every song. I actually hope that you dislike some. Don't just use it because it worked for me.  But my sincere hope is that you will find gems and that this site will inspire you and save you time. Most of these songs will be embedded in routines and drill with full riding instruction and cues I design so check out those. And of course I have full playlists on soundcloud and spotify so make sure you review that. Finally if there are songs (or remixes) you think should be included message, comment of facebook me (here) and I will include. Enjoy!

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The 2016 Best of Lists Of Spin Class Music Ideas

Below are my best of the bests for your review by week and month.  At the very bottom is a rolling playlist of the tunes you guys love the most for 2016.

The Top 100 Chart for 2016

Spin and Indoor Cycling Top 100 Charts

Welcome to the master charts for These songs are the top 100 tunes new and old/ remixed and reworked that are rocking it in my classes and that of our audience. If you have a tune you use in your class let us know, if you are an artist ping me and I will feature in front of of 10K plus instructors... enjoy!!! And as always be BADASS

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    • HI Mark… I changed around the page a bit. Is this layout better? I have a section for the weekly and monthly best of’s and a rolling playlist at the bottom of the one that will be in the 2016 top 100… hope this makes more sense

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