Indoor Cycling Mixes Top 10 Tune for St Patricks Day

Your St. Patrick’s Day Spin Class playlist — A roundup of rock bands and musicians

​As St. Patrick's Day celebrations welcome spring all over the world and thoughts turn to all things Eire, now is the perfect time to celebrate my top ten musicians from the Emerald Isle.  How is that for a twist and theme for your St Patrick's day playlist! Ireland has produced some of the most Badass rock artists of all time.

Indoor Cycling Mixes Top 10 Tune for St Patricks Day

Indoor Cycling Mixes Top 10 Tune for St Patricks Day

So - how does one go about creating the "perfect" St Patrick day playlist for a spin class?  As an ex-patriot of Eire myself having spend my childhood in Ireland I found it very challenging!  

In North America I have been exposed to many years of "Irish Bars" without a single guy or gal in them directly from the homeland.  But that said I find it amazing the number of folks whose Mom or Dad where from Ireland.  And so many more could trace their linage from the Emerald Isle.  

So - again every year no matter where I have lived we stand in the cold on March 17 or about's and watch the parade.  Amazing.  Such a tiny little country and there it is.  Therefore, I decided to arrange a playlist mix help you make some indoor cycling choreography to Irish inspired beats.

spin class music for st Patricks day

Get your Irish On!

Rather than rehash all the old bar room parades of beer and war - this playlist is arranged around the top 10 Irish artist inspired tunes of all time (per me lol).  Here I have compiled my ten favorite rock anthems. The variety, talent and legacy of each of these artists lives on and continues to influence fans and artists across the globe.

In no particular order, the talent of the Emerald Isles indigenous rock stars: 

Top 10 Irish Musicians of All Time​ Master Mix for Spin Class

  • #1 - U2 - You would have had to been living under a rock not to have heard or been exposed to these giants.  I have attended their concerts which were amazing in term of music and artistry.  Their Highest Charting Hot 100 Hit: "With Or Without You" (No. 1 for three weeks; Peak date: 5/16/1987).  I mostly like remixes for the beat etc so I chose the following tune:
  • #2 - Gilbert O'Sullivan - now unless you are an old timer this fellow might not be top of mind.Gilbert O'Sullivan is an Irish singer-songwriter, best known for his early 1970s hits "Alone Again", "Clair", and "Get Down". The music magazine Record Mirror voted him the top UK male singer of 1972.  Yup.  OLD SCHOOL.  But good old soundcloud had one!  Highest Charting Hot 100 Hit: "Alone Again (Naturally)" (No. 1 for six weeks; Peak date: 7/29/1972) Sad beautiful song! 

  • #3 - Sinéad O'Connor - now I think you will be aware of this power house! Highest Charting Hot 100 Hit: "Nothing Compares 2 U" (No. 1 for four weeks; Peak date: 4/21/1990)  For this one I choose a wonderful redo by no one other than Prince! This is a keeper!
  • #4 - Van Morrison - the Duke on our list.  Highest Charting Hot 100 Hit: "Domino" (No. 9; Peak date: 1/2/1971)  Also, old school but I think more well known.  But there is an epic line or two in this song that many of you will have howled at the moon.  Therefore - why not - lets drop the karaoke version.  Hell's yes.  We going to sing (maybe 🙂 Have a listen and I dare you don't start humming at least.
  • #5 - Snow Patrol - With their Highest Charting Hot 100 Hit: "Chasing Cars" (No. 5; Peak date: 10/14/2006) I think many Indoor Cycling instructor will know this one and it been on my list for years.  I realized the awesome healing power of our work when I played this in my class and the elderly woman 
  • # 6 - Enya - Highest Charting Hot 100 Hit: "I Don't Wanna Know" by Mario Winans featuring Enya & P. Diddy (No. 2; Peak date: 4/24/2004)
  • #7 “Whiskey in the Jar” - Thin Lizzy.  One of Ireland's biggest rock bands in the 1970s. After their chart debut with this song, the Dublin band appeared on Top of the Pops February 1973.
  • #8 - The Cranberries - Linger
  • #9 - “I don't like Mondays” - The Boomtown Rats

A number one hit in 32 countries, frontman Bob Geldof was inspired to write the song when a Californian schoolgirl told police that she shot her principal because she didn’t like Mondays.

  • #10 “A Million Miles Away” - Rory Gallagher

And saving the best until last! It's closing time!  This Donegal born, Cork raised man was a founding father of Irish blues rock music. This track was featured on the album “Tattoo.”

Ultimate St Patricks Day Playlist for Spin Class

Indoor Cycling Mixes Top 10 Tune for St Patricks Day

Indoor Cycling Mixes Top 10 Tune for St Patricks Day