Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Drills - Cyberpunk Series

Spin Class 4:21 – Power Climb – feat Ki Theory “Enjoy The Silence”


If you have a propensity to the dramatic you will enjoy this 4:21min rework of a classic haunting song - Depeche Mode’s 1990 hit “Enjoy The Silence” covered in cyberpunk style by Joel Burleson aka: Ki Theory.  You might have noticed this tune on the trailer for the new Ghost in the Shell movie.  My inner cyberpunk geek is super excited to catch this movie and will be arranging a full 60 min cyberpunk profile that will be a tribute to this genre.  It begins with my "3 layer" power climb Ki Theory’s remix and Depeche Mode’s original track below:

Indoor Cycling and Spin Class - 3 Layer Drill: How to Design Routine

This is an old fav that I think you will enjoy because of it versatility and simplicity.  By breaking a song into three distinct phases we are able to quickly take advantage of a piece of music and construct a nice drill that is interesting to the rider and easy for the instructor to remember.

Spin Class Three Layer Drill Setup

Spin Class Three Layer Drill Setup

The three layer drill methodology has of course three basic phases - loading, executing, unloading.  Run one after another you have a circuit... run with recoveries you have interval that generally push riders to develop endurance in addition to the drills focus.

  • PHASE 1: ABOUT 30% OF THE SONGS LENGTH - usually no less than a minute or at the first major "change" in tempo, beat, chorus - that makes sense as a lead to phase 2.  In phase 1 we set the table for the drill objective (i.e. speed, peeling skills, power, endurance, etc)  So if the focus of the drill is to build power to climb up a brief but steep hill.  I would focus the riders to get their resistance up which should be pushing RPM's down and overall watt's up - e.g.. 8/10 RPE @65 RPM 
  • PHASE 2: ABOUT 60% of the SONGs timing - now that we have set the table we up the effort and move to the true work phase.  So as an example.  if we had been riding at a 8/10 in terms of RPE for phase 1 at say 65 RPM in a seated position - we could now look to increase RPM to 75 or perhaps move to standing with additional resistance whilst holding the RPM at 65...
  • PHASE 3 - last 30% of song timing (or to the end ...) Now we return to our initial loading,position and cadence.  As an instructor you can stack this 3 phase approach meaning if your wave one was against a 4 min song you could take on a 7 min song for wave 2 and perhaps a 10 min beast for wave 3.  At the end of each iteration of in phase 3 you can can coach your riders to recalibrate the middle phase...harder or easier... depending on how their body is responding.

Spin Class 4:21 – Power Climb – feat Ki Theory “Enjoy The Silence”

Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Drills - Cyberpunk Series

Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Drills - Cyberpunk Series

There is something about this song that makes me want to go hard.  Lots of resistance.  Lot's of watt's!  Below is the suggested cuing to the music to help you deliver a 4:21 GRIND.  Please listen to the music and adjust timing to your ears sensitivities.


Focus and Cues

0 -1:20

Phase 1: Focus Power (8/10 RPM @ 65 RPM). We want lots of resistance. Enough so that the Rider feels that 65 RPM is comfortable.

1:20 -3:30

Phase 2: Holding resistance and seated position our focus is to up RPM every 30 sec by 5 to 10.  So by the end the Riders will be pushing a HARD 70 to 80 RPM depending on their abilities.  Remind them that once they cannot smoothly pedal they should just hold the RPM.  Better to pedal a smooth 70 RPM then mash out 80 RPM 

3:30 - 4:21

Phase 3: Lets resume 65 RPM and finish the last minute strong.  Focus on breathing.  If the Riders over did it remind them it's ok to reduce resistance a bit and focus on holding a min of 65 RPM