The Punisher - Indoor Cycling Workout Drill of the Day - Warm ups

Indoor Cycling Workout of The Day: The Punisher Warmup Drill with Spin Ups

Greetings my fellow spin addicts and indoor cycling instructors.  Todays indoor cycling Workout of the Day drill is an all-purpose warm up song idea and full riding cues.  This WOD will be rolled up into a full class profile called "The Punisher."  You can find that here if you want to ride this on your own or lead a class with these suggestions.  As the name suggested by "The Punisher" let start with energy, fun and get our ride with some style.

The Punisher Warm Up Song Idea

Nire, Maluca & Nani Castle - Commie Mommie (Ynfynyt Scroll Remix)

This remix is hot as hell... I bet you have not heard it but I dare you not to wanna pick up the pace with this one!

Basic Warm Up Drill using a "Spin Up" format

The Punisher - Indoor Cycling Workout Drill of the Day - Warm ups

The Punisher - Indoor Cycling Workout Drill of the Day - Warm ups

After confirming that your Riders bikes are properly setup we always begin with a 5~10-minute warm-up sequence at cadences in the 70-120 rpm range at a moderate intensity. You should be aiming for an RPE=3-4 (Rate of Perceived Exertion, or RPE, is measured on a scale of 1-10, 1 being no exertion, 10 being your absolute limit) in this warm up stage.  

Warm up Using "The Spin Up" Drill Cues:

Start out with light resistance on the bike – load the resistance just enough to feel a slight pushback in the pedals – this is what we call the base load. Start pedaling right under the beat, then after 1:00, tell the rider to bust a move and speed it up and catch up to the beat.​  Now comes the fun part...!!

NOW!  Get the Riders to gradually increase their RPMs/cadence until the point where they begin to bounce on the saddle.  Then Add a touch of resistance and ask for a little more cadence

Then... once we get enough speed on the pedals to get some booty bouncing again we will reduce our RPMs/cadence back down (while holding the resistance) for approximately 30 seconds then gradually we will increase the cadence again until we start the bounce again.

Add a touch of resistance.

Each sequence should take about 30 seconds before you reach the perfect speed work where you can go nice and fast for a 30 second roll with no bounce.

Its super simple - Alternate a spin up... add resistance a bit... slow down... resume.. repeat.

The main benefit of this drill for Riders is that it will allow them to discover where their highest cadence occurs before they start bouncing for a specific resistance.​

NB: Always make suggestions and safety announcements to every class at start of class:

  • No coasting. Serious!  Don't waste your time and don't hurt yourself.  Rule Number 1!  Always Have Resistance
  • There are three ways to slow down: slow legs gradually; add resistance; or use emergency brake.
  • Take Breaks and drink water
  • Always move your leg out to side if feet come out.
  • Everything I say is a suggestion!  "This is your workout; you don't have to do anything! Keep up with anyone. You own your ride! If we're going too fast, too hard, or or out of the saddle too much, then sit down and back off; it's no big deal. Be kind and listen to your body..."

The PROMISE ... the 100% Sweat Back Guarantee

If you come three times a week for a month, you'll be an INDOOR CYCLING BADASS in no time! #cyclemixes  #spinning

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Indoor Cycling Warm Up Drill and Routines

Indoor Cycling Warm Up Drill and Routines