Indoor Cycling Routines: 7 Min Warmup Up to Tempo Pace Drill

Get your Ride In Gear with This Warmup feat UMEK - Mechanical Blade (Original Mix) [1605]

Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Motivation: What have I gotten myself into

The warm up is no doubt the most import part of your Ride design as an instructor.  Of course we need to get the Riders body ready for the training to come - loose, warm, and awake... but from a Indoor Cycling Instructor point of view we need to set the Riding agenda.  Establish a mood.  An intensity so to speak.... 

I love two types of drills - hills and tempo flats with pace and resistance.  Both are hard.  

Therefore, my warmups need to get the Riders in the mood so to speak.  

I have been to many a class where the instructor starts the class with a nice fluffy soft tune.  Something on the pop charts or otherwise bubble gum popular.  After that sing along we the suddenly get thrown into some sort go off the charts HITT drill or climb!  It's ok I suppose.  I'm warm.  But my head is not in the right headspace at all!  

So the following drill is intended to take us from the street... warm us up and get us hungry for aggressive pace and already comfortably riding in some decent resistance ranges to generate high power/watt's ratio to RPM.  

WARMUP UP TO TEMPO DRILL - How to Run This Drill

The Approach

This warmup drill alternates between somewhat higher-intensity intervals and moderate-intensity intervals in a 7 minute warm up roll.  I like to hold one variable constant typically and move the other.  

So we shoot for a fast RPM in the beginning... say 100 plus.  If this is unrealistic for you or your Riders shoot for a lower fast number for you... say 90.  But make it brisk to fast for you.  We want lots of leg turn over.  We will work to get on this pace first and move the needle on the resistance lever after.

The focus is on starting nice and easy in term of resistance... and slowly building a base resistance while targeting RPM's >100 but no more than 120 RPM please.  If you find yourself going over this then the resistance is way to low.  Add some more.  

Using the timing below its pretty easy.  Get those pedals spinning to 100 plus RPM (but less than 120) and on each High intensity interval add a little tension.  If you have a power meter pay attention to your numbers.  After each higher intensity interval we hold the RPM pace but resume the original easy resistance. Encourage Riders on each interval to explore adding a little bit more tension than the previous round.  So for example if you are using a Keiser bike try a 10 on the gear vs a 9 and so on.  Bottom line is try to add a little bit more... just a little.​

If we do it right - by the end of 7 min we find ourselves riding at 100 RPM comfortably but slightly uncomfortable - so that if you had to hold that pace and resistance for the next hour with no changes you would become very uncomfortable soon.  

High Intensity Interval

Resume Base Resistance (hold RPM)

30 sec

15 sec

40 sec

20 sec

60 sec

30 sec

90 sec

45 sec

90 sec

You are warmed up for first Drill... enjoy!

... you are now moving at pace with some decent resistance ready to take on your first drill...

UMEK - Mechanical Blade (Original Mix) [1605] - Kick ass Tune To Run this Warmup To:

I described above the details of how I like to run this warmup.  Now for the soundscape.  If you take a moment and have a listen to UMEK - Mechanical Blade (Original Mix) [1605] below you will notice it has no lyrics.  ​A nice rolling electronic drum beat... with a consistent snare.  Simple.  Clean.  Focused.  High BPM yes... but also high energy.  It's all about tempo baby... I want to come off this track with everyone hyped up for power and speed.  Wanting to hold that!