Indoor Cycling Routine for a Strength Climb: “The Muscle Mayhem” by Mary Moore-Farrell

High Energy Spin Class Drill That's a Leg Toucher feat the vibes of "Go" by the Chemical Brothers

Todays drills is part of our Badass drill awards and comes straight from the bike of MARY MOORE-FARRELL who has been teaching 8 years in Columbus, Ohio.  9 years ago she had an injury to her knee which ended a 20 + year love/hate relationship with running and so she began cycling.

First, indoors then with a gift of a road bike from my husband to the road. The way a ride (indoor or outside) can challenge you is never ending. The message she wants to impart to her community (and to those taking her  classes) is "find the challenge!"

The story of injury driving us cardio junkies to the bike is common isn't it.  Very common one for our Riders too!   ​

BADASS!  I love instructors who turn what was taken away (running in this case) into a way to give back!  Hero's!  

Introducing - The Workout You will Want in Your Profile for your Next Spin Class

Mary's drill is a straight up fist fight aka the 65 RPM hill climb "loaded."  I like her way of progressive loading.  Come into this one very warmed up... and expect to recover after!

Lots of coaching on this one to make sure riders know they will be very uncomfortable and thats "ok."  Pain is not!  Make sure to offer the escape of a higher RPM (say 70 or 80 at a lower resistance!).  Goal folks with finding their zone of "uncomfortable - but heavy breathing to be expected in the forecast."  

The soundscape are the Chemical Brothers who are a really treasure for us instructors!  So get them on repeats and go for a run.  Inspiration up the you know what.  I love them !  

Mary... your drill is now OFFICIAL!  Badass... you may go forth and continue with the practice of BADASSERY!  :-)​



Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Drills you Need - Hill Climb

  • What do you like to call this drill?
    muscle mayhem

  • What kind of drill is this?
    Strength/Climb - RPMs 65-80

  • What is the name of song you use for drill?
    "Go" by the Chemical Brothers

  • Where can we find this song?

  • How long is the song in min:sec 00:00?

  • What is the target heart rate zone for the drill?
    Zone 4 - 80-90% of MaxHR - anaerobic zone; carbohydrates is primary fuel source; hard to talk

  • What musical genre do you think this song best represents?

  • What is the BPM?

  • How challenging is this drill on the Rate of perceived exertion scale (1~10)

  • How do you cue the song? IMPORTANT!!! LITERALLY 😉

    Start in the saddle and start adding resistance every 15 seconds for the first minute to bring your cadence to 60- 65rpm. hold pace 20 seconds;
  • add a little more resistance and then (as the tempo of the music increases) explode out of the saddle, accelerate for 20 seconds and feel the love coming out of those legs!
  • Put your butt back in the's your new climb.
  • Hold 60-65 rpm for 35 secs; add a bit more resistance-out of the saddle again for another accel-20secs. Sit back down,(don't friggin' touch that resistance!) and make friends with your new climb holiding 60-65rmp for the next 1:20;
  • add your last bit of resistance get up and "GO!" for your last 20 second acceleration. done. add oxygen.

  • If using any abbreviations or acronyms please share with us what they represent.

    accel-accelerate; secs-seconds


    How do you connect to your Riders on this Drill... 

    This drill is not comfortable so make peace with that. at some points you might think there is a house fire ocurring in your legs! That is the price for strength and power... focus your attention on each breath you leave behind remembering that it brings you one stroke closer to the finsh. I can..I will.. I did!

Alternative Remix - longer, slower, and more shall I say... hard and intense 🙂

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