Indoor Cycling Drills for Spinning Instructors and Fans – A Warm-up Song Idea and Cues

Warming Up for a Great Workout

From the very first sports training activity I have ever done we always started out with a warm-up.  Our teacher wanted to get the blood flowing to your muscles and use the time to introduce the workout skills we wold use in use in the day’s training. A warm-up for an indoor cycling class is just as necessary—it helps prepare us both cycling instructor and riders transition from there day and get ready for the ride to come.

For more advanced background and approaches to delivering a Indoor Cycling Rock Star Instructor warmup ( yes I love saying that!  lol)have a look How To Warm Up And Cool Down With Your Indoor Cycling Classs.  But for today here is the warmup up song idea of the day and one potential cueing to get your ride design going quick.

Song Idea to Warm Up

This song gives me chills everytime i listen to it!! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL – brings back some great good feelings!  And this is one of the better remix of Roar I’ve heard.  Roar has been loosing it bite this year so this might bring it back into your playlist.



What to Do

RPE (1~10)

Katy Perry – Roar (Brillz Remix) OFFICIAL

We will warm up by slowly raising our starting cadence over the first song to a target in the 85 to 110 rpm range, while maintaining our heart rate at no more than 70 percent of our maximum heart rate (RPE < 4/10) and gradually increasing resistance to establish a base “Gear.”