Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Music That Rocked My Class for November 2016


What are you addicted too?

Every month I try to summarize the tunes I most enjoyed playing in class and that most resonated with riders in both my classes and ones I have dropped in on.  

They are neither old nor new.  Hip nor maybe even popular.  They just somehow work for that flat... that sprint... that climb.  That said, will you like them all.  I hope not!  It's all about taste.  But I hope you find an inspiration or two!

My November personally was a blur.  Shit to be honest.  Of course music is my support and way of coping.  Who says we don't bring our hearts and lives to the Ride.

So if you read this pages you will know my musical urge then under pressure is to get into the HARD stuff.  Literal and metaphorical.  So... arranging playlists absent of to much of this anger was a real challenge.  How much NIN can anyone sane take!  lol Maybe you can relate.  So... it was a balance of intensity, beat and focus.

So what are my top picks? ( at bottom if you want to jump ahead)

Top TRACK:  OPUS by Eric Prydz

Of course I love longer tracks.  On this you will discover an all time fav... OPUS.  I hope you will agree.  It's the sort of epic, classic, power song - with a build up to top it off.... which I adore.  I can unlock almost every drill inside its rubric and it will not fail.  Oh - for the days when you find a gem like this!!!!  

So in this one hour piece which you could use as a soundscape for a one hour ride you will note the first and last tunes are by ​Eric Prydz.  (warmup and recovery songs).  He will be the Indoor Cycling Mixes Artist of the Month!   (if you read this Mr Prydz I would love a mix for the indoor cycling world BTW 🙂

So what is Mr Prydz all about to me?  ​

Well first... he goes by many names.  AxEr, A&P Project, Cirez D, Dukes of Sluca, Groove System, Hardform, Pryda, Moo, Sheridan, Tonja Holma, Fiol Lasse....So shape shifts sounds a lot - but in general lots of grooviness.  I like that.  I don't like people who "fit."  Who the f wants to be the same all the time... and  what does media say about him?  

The Guardian said:quote "Prydz’s gift is in squaring the aggressive inanity of EDM with the passive inanity of progressive house, sometimes making gold from these base metals by plating them with Kraftwerkian pop melody."  Doesn't that sound smart.  I like Kraftwerk!  Anyway.  Back to the music.  The sounds?  Lets take a brief tour of the "best of" his work for me anyway that you might enjoy spinning in your class! - so by name and track... and at bottom my 1 hour set that you might use from Mixes Best of Nov.  

Leave a comment on you fav's if you will... thanks!

Best of the ​AxEr

A&P Project

Cirez D

Dukes of Sluca



The Ultimate Playlist of Music that Rocked the Bike November 2016 🙂