The 30-Day Challenge Badass Coaching Program

I’d like to take a moment today to help you harness your BADASS superhero powers of attraction so you can manifest some serious BADASSERY IN 2017: Money. Love. Joy. HealthOpportunities.  A PERFECT BODY...and of course A LITTLE WHITE PONY WITH A PINK RIBBON. lol Whatever.... 

And here’s the best way I know how...just be yourself! And thats harder than you think!

​We will start this 30 day challenge with the idea of finding your true self.  

Your authentic self.  

Have you ever wished that you could switch places with someone else?

That's not BADASS.  

Have you ever worked to emulate the style and mannerisms of a certain celebrity/co-worker/actor? Learning from them is cool but copying?  Come on.  This sort of short cut thinking is what marketers use day in and out to manipulate you into buying their wares.  A+b= C.  Well no it isn't. A plus work = C.  The grass always seem greener on the other side and it would just be easier if you could be someone else?  

According to the late Kurt Cobain, these kinds of thoughts can be terribly stupid.

He once said: Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. And I agree.  

It’s Jan 1 and a New Year has began!  I will miss every minute of last year but I have to admit that I get pretty excited about the New Year.  OUT WITH THE OLD and in with the NEW!  

Change makes me feel like something incredible is about to happen. So despite my love for the holiday season, when the time comes, I will welcome January with open arms.  BRING IT!  Throw away those magazine.  Trying to become someone else is a fools game, with the best possible outcome being that you become a copy - a lesser version of that other person! On the other side, if you work hard to become the best YOU that you can be, you have the potential to achieve so much more - and release your INNER BADASS

Preparing for a New Year also makes me think about years past. It makes me reflect on what I’ve done and what I want to do.

Have you been giving any thought to what you’ve accomplished so far in 2016?  Scared?

Has it been what you expected? Are you disappointed or thrilled about the last 12 months?

I’ve been asking myself these very same questions, lately.

Do you have this nagging feeling that there is more, more to accomplish, more Badass inside waiting to get out this year?

Or are you Feeling stuck and ou can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know that there’s got to be more than this?

Don’t ignore that feeling. Please, don’t!

On some days do you just feel like you’re drifting through life? We all do! For Petes sake!  No one is perfect!  And you are in the right place.  If you are scare right now you are smarter than the average wanna be...

Or you once an awhile actually know what needs to change in your life, but you’re just not sure how to go about it?  There are literally hundreds of books published every year that promise one way or another to make you happier, healthier or in my lingo more BADASS.  You know the crap I am talking about....

How to get rich so your will be a BADASS.

How to be Thin so you will be a BADASS.

How to Overcome depression/anxiety/stress to be a BADASS.

How to find the perfect someone in your life so you can be a BADASS..

I bet if you google it right bow there is a book called the Badass book on how to be a BADASS.​

Do you know why I’m begging you to pay attention right now?

“Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” – William James​

I want you to look at your attitude!  Because anger, disappointment and regret are wasted emotions, and I don’t want you to go down that path alone anymore when it could can be avoided.  

Those feelings don’t serve you or your dreams well.  And that is an understatement if there ever was one... trust me I have tried! (Thats a story I might tell you along the way)

In fact, all they do is add screw you up and add frustration to your life. Who has time for that?  It almost killed me!  That is the wrong way sign to a Badass life!

I sure don’t. Instead of dwelling on what didn’t go right in 2016 (or let’s be real–dwelling on what went wrong long before 2015,2014, 1999 for heavens sake!!!)

​Here’s the drill folks this is going to be hard. If you’re feeling sad or frustrated or scared that you don’t have what you desire yet, feel it, freak out, let it rip, and then blow your nose and lets get down to business:

To help you stay with me throughout the next 30 days, I created a list of daily BADSSS affirmations for you (via email).  They will support the 30 challenges.  But in summary here is a quick brief of the major themes we will be dealing with over the next 3o days or so.  These five are are SO FREAKING MAJOR I AM MOVING INTO ALL CAPS OVER HERE TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION!



​SO THOSE ARE MY FIVE STEPS.  Don't freak out.  We have 30 days to break the eggs and make the Badass omelette.

I also created a set of checklists to help you stay on track (just in case you like checklists because I LOVE checklists). Access the checklist by clicking here and use it to help you remember what’s coming up when you don’t have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone.

I hope both help you on this #30DaystoBadass journey.

And one more VERY important thing.

I created a private Facebook group just for #30DaytoBadass. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with me and meet other members of the community during this challenge.

I know this community can be invaluable if a number of you join, so please don’t be shy. Access the #30DaystoBadass private Facebook Group right here.  Your feedback is needed!

LET IT GO and join me for the #30DaystoBadass challenge. 

I plan to make a BADASS shift in my mindset so I can go further and end this year on a new level of Badassery, and I want you to join me on this journey.​  Ready? Are you really ready?

Heck yea, you say? Then let’s go!​  BRING ON THE BADASSERY!

Are you Ready To Bring On the Badassery Big Time In 2017!

Day 1: If it No Longer Serves You or Makes You Happy, Let it Go​

​In Ecuador, people burn the old photographs to get rid of old memories attached with them.

On New Year, the photos are burnt in a ritualistic way that helps the person to forget all the bad things that happened in the previous year.  Ever wonder why?  Here is the first of the many life changing tips we will explore over the next 30 days.  And here is a fact that almost no-one things about!

So todays challenge is to identify something in your life that doesn’t serve you and let it go.

I know this is easier said than done, but it’s incredibly hard to move forward when you have a bunch of physical and emotional stuff stuff weighing you down.

Whether it’s a draining friendship, reliving a painful experience, or a commitment that you no longer have the room for in your life lets make the decision to let it go. The litmus test is that if it doesn’t serve you and the vision you have for your life, you are just addicted right now and letting go will feel better than you ever imagined.​

For this challenge I will try to simply inspire you to start the process of letting go.  This is a daily thing.  So start small today.  

So lets start thinking about it.  

It’s not easy, but you’ll be so happy that you did. If you’re in for this amazing journey of freedom, I’m here to help with these steps below that have guided me through my own letting go process.​

#1: The Power of Focus​ on YOU (and no its not selfish)

You are going to have to really Get connected with yourself.

You’ll only really understand what’s “best” for you when you understand yourself.  And that takes WORK! How do you understand yourself?  How can we let go of things we are blind to?

Spend quality time with you!  We will be talking about meditation in the challenge later but for now Go inward daily, find peace in stillness, connect with your intuition and make yourself your own best friend.


Imagine if you really took some time and turned a spotlight on your life, not just for a hour or a or day, but for 30-days straight. Imagine if for 30-days you filled your mind with empowering messages every day.

Imagine if YOU got crystal clear about what we really wanted and worked hard to develop a plan on how to achieve that goal.  WOW!

Imagine if while looking inward you discovered a story you have been telling yourself for years, that is not only holding you back, but making you feel not enough. Imagine if you created a new story.

Imagine if this new story created a whole new life. And imagine if you got to do this all this with a powerful guide by your side. Your life would never be the same again.​  It would start to be a lot more BADASS!


To be a Badass is to live your life on purpose.  And holy crap so many people are looking for "some it" - their Big Life Purpose .

Becoming a Badass is your Purpose.  and Its a process that needs a map...

You my friend are the very purpose of your existence.  Discovering what lights your fire and floats that boat - that's your Badass purpose.  

What else could it be?  

To discover and embrace the things in life that give you true joy, to make a few souls laugh (mostly yours), to cause a ruckus, to save the day, show compassion with nothing needed in return, ​to find and give pleasure...

... and ultimately the courage to stand on your own two feet and make a stand and decide what you say it is!  What your purpose is!   And for most of us that will demand some freaking big changes.....​in mindset.

We all want to change.  We all want to be a little more than we currently are.  But the irony is that as I write this I am walking around my local book store and the shelves are literally overflowing with self help books.  

They all have attractive covers.  And they all have even more attractive promises.  But for this simple guy they tell me one thing.  People want to change ALOT and it ain't so easy.  

So as we start 2017 I decided to create a 30 day challenge.  I'm not much for resolutions.  I like goals. SMART goals and that is way I decided to share this 30 day challenge ​with you - the bottom line of course is about getting REAL and setting priorities to get the job done - which is of course living a more meaningful BADASS life in 2017.  

What does that really mean though?  

Priorities.  And those Priorities need to be rooted in your Badass Purpose!

When you get focused... aligned... and YOUR TRUE priorities move to the front of all the other should crushing crap in your life that sort of magical Badassery happens.  This is that place where your career will begin to match you true passions; your personal space you live in will look like your values (not the IKEA catalogue); your friends will fit your soul not your history; and your wealth - of which there are endless definitions will start to measure up up with your hearts notion of true freedom.  Which brings us to to some hard work to be done on things like courage....

What is courage?   ​I like one definition that says it is the ability to do something that frightens us!  

So to have courage is to be afraid!  To feel Fear!  To be willing and able to expose ourselves to fear of success and failure.   I am not big into the lets all out put a neon sign post on the yard that I'm fighting my fears.  

But I do believe that true freedom comes from the courage to face our fears.  Quietly - in  a true to your self vow.  Being genuine is the foundation of integrity.  And that is what we will explore for the next 30 days.


​I believe your badass nature comes from your soul.  Our soul is ancient and integral - inextinguishable but easily dimmed to the dullness complete silliness of modern life.  

This is called self doubt.  

Our insides say one thing but the outside world tells us to do another.  

Who are we to believe?  We doubt ourselves - play it safe - and sure usually nothing horrible immediately blows up in your face.  But slowly.  Day by day it happens.  The fire dies.  So lets start the FIRE... by letting go of the garbage that holding you back.

Day 1 Challenge: Let Go of Something or Someone That Now Longer Serves You and Post to Our Private Page

​Day 1: If it No Longer Serves You or Makes You Happy, Let it Go​

Ok... here is the Day 1 challenge!  Let go of what doesn’t serve you so that you can begin to truly serve yourself. Love yourself enough to acknowledge those in your life that have no place there anymore (yes you can unfriend people who are toxic!). It’s ok to let go, it is freeing and necessary for us to grow and to welcome the next in line.

We are going to think today about something that does not serve us.  

Now don't over complicate this!  It could be a picture of a bottle of wine you drink to much of, or that ice cream tub, or that Netflix show you use to skip your workouts.  Start with something small for today.. just one thing!  Not to serious or life altering... 

Do you have a bad memory?  Something you need to let go?  Write a letter to it!  Say goodbye!!! Use all the f words you want and go somewhere safe and burn that crap.   LET IT GO!... we are so done with it.​

Or you could find a picture on the internet that is symbolic to you.  Personal.  As long as it means something to YOU.  This is a symbol of something you need to get rid of.  As an example lets say you are in a bad job.  Find a picture of a person in a new suit doing the job you want.  Only you know that this means you are now planning you escape ... or you could be literal.  Burn a picture of that ex who needs to go.   ​We will be working lots on this over the next few weeks... but for today - find one thing- one resentment - one bitter memory - anything and LET THE SUCKER GO!!!! We need to make room.

Either way... this is personal.  If you want post the picture with a though on the private page here!  See you there!  ​AND LET IT BURN!

And then please share your results in the private Facebook page and let’s get the discussion going. We want to hear your new beliefs, your experience and especially, the BADASS and awesome miracles you’ve manifested into your life because you did the work, BRING IT... because only you can!