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A New “Spin” On Team Building Exercises – Indoor Cycling!

Nevada Basketball Program was taken out of their comfort zone… maybe your “team” should too! INDOOR CYCLING MOTIVATION – I came I SPUN I CONQUERED Looking to get a your club, corporate group out of the office and interacting?  The following story might motivate you to try something different next time!  “For 45 minutes the […]

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Fun Spin Class Ideas – The “Heavy” Done Tabata Style

Deliver a Tabata Style Drill in your class – a “Heavy” – Legs will Burn Baby! feat Matt Minimal – International Meetings (Original Mix) [Capsula]To deliver a badass spin class you need strong music (see at bottom…this is one of my fav tunes for this heavy), imagery, structure and the group’s energy firmly behind that focus […]

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Indoor cycling class games

5 Indoor Cycling Class Games

Spice Things Up With These Indoor Cycling GamesIndoor cycling workout drills are the foundation of all our indoor cycling class profiles and provide the variety, training diversity and focus to help our riders improve their performance and reinforce proper training and riding technique.  Never mind to keep us on track.  One format I have seen […]

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Indoor Cycling Anaerobic Workout Routines

A well designed spin class will use drills that develop and support both the anaerobic and aerobic power systems.  Both are important to your riders and each need to be trained to optimize athletic potential. This blog will discuss the different methods used to train the anaerobic capacity of your riders.  If you read my blog […]

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VRide Multi lets indoor cyclists go on multi-player rides, using HD video

  If you don’t like cycling alone on a trainer all winter, you might be interested in Zwift or ebove. Both of these systems let indoor cyclists “virtually” ride on animated roads or trails, along with other cyclists who join them via the internet and appear as avatars. Perhaps, however, that computer-generated scenery just isn’t […]

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Indoor Cycling Routines – the Classic “Spin Up” Drill

Training on an indoor bike is more than just building up our strength and endurance – another aspect we must consider is the development of a very smooth and even pedal stroke.  By developing a nice smooth stroke we will be maximizing our overall strength and fitness, which over the long haul may help prevent injury. […]

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Indoor Cycling Song and Routine for Jumps – Fireball!

An Indoor Cycling Song suggestion and routine for jumps is on tap today. In this post I outline  some coaching and mindset tips and a basic setup for a jump routine.  Pitbulls Fireball has been on everyone’s playlist this past year and I’m so done with it (no offence Pitbull – just heard it to much). […]

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Heart Rate Monitor Training Tips for Indoor Cycling Class

Heart rate is the number of heartbeats per unit of time – typically expressed as beats per minute (bpm).  As we exercise our muscles require more oxygen and in response our body increases the number of heart pumps per minute in order to feed the muscles the oxygen they need. As we train and become […]

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