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The Punisher - Indoor Cycling Workout Drill of the Day - Warm ups

Indoor Cycling Workout of The Day: The Punisher Warmup Drill with Spin Ups

Greetings my fellow spin addicts and indoor cycling instructors.  Todays indoor cycling Workout of the Day drill is an all-purpose warm up song idea and full riding cues.  This WOD will be rolled up into a full class profile called “The Punisher.”  You can find that here if you want to ride this on your […]

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Ultimate 60 Min Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Workout

How to Create the “Ultimate 60 Min Spin Class Punisher Workout”

The “Punisher Workout” delivers a spin class workout with a wallop. The Punisher is deceptively simple, comprised of 7 drills rolled up into a 60 min sufferfest that will be every spin instructors pride and joy!   The Punisher Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Workout ​There are many ways to design a drill and a […]

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Indoor Cycling Workout Of The Day: 10 Min Russian Climbing Step Intervals feat. Sarah McLachlan Fallen Remix

This my friends is one of my all time favourite songs and remixes to ride to.  10 minutes of heaven.  The reworking McLachlan’s spacious tunes are nearly endless and Sarah McLachlans “Fallen” remix by Gabriel & Dresden Anti-Gravity Mix is stunning, beautiful and powerful.  I could ride this song a dozen ways but the jacking up the […]

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20 Min Indoor Cycling Playlist With Instructions

Indoor Cycling Workout Drill – 20 Min Climbing Block

This playlist is a 20 min climbing block.  So – whats on tap?  You get the full playlist on soundcloud and class instructions and cues.  I have arranged 5 awesome mashups to create the soundscape for our ride.  This block is designed to be delivered inside of a longer class profile but you could run […]

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Indoor Cycling Workout Routine of the Day – 3 Min Hill Attack

You know you like a song when you realize you have played it 20 times in a row.  This short song is just over 3 min and for me is a three stage quick climb.  We start in mud at the base of a hill and for 90s accumulate resistance with high RPMs.  Stand for […]

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Indoor Cycling Workout of Day

Indoor Cycling Workout of the Day: Hill Climb with Power Intervals

This indoor cycling drill is designed to be incorporated into a longer profile.  I consider these snap-in ideas to help you build out a full ride profile.  Todays soundscape to ride on is a Fall Out Boy “classic” remixed to make it more fresh.  The riding idea is to do a climb with power intervals. […]

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Indoor Cycling Workout of the Day: Brutal 12 Min Climb

The lights are off.  You are warmed up and the instructor guides you into a 12 min all out down a dirty climb!  You enter the ZONE.  Smooth and steady turns of the pedal.  Tasting the sweat as you power up and push through mud up this progressively heavier hill.  And you love it!  Todays […]

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Indoor Cycling Music Mixes: WEEKLY ROUNDUP – MAY 16~27, 2015

Thanks for all the positive feedback and love!  Our Facebook page hit 1500 fans on Facebook! Can you believe it.  And the past week was a super busy at work again but I managed to drop a whole bunch of new indoor cycling music spinning workouts, mixes and routines that I hope will suit many different […]

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Indoor Cycling Tabata Workout Drill featuring Prince – Funk’n’Roll (Sammy Senior Remix)

Todays ride is inspired by our community who suggested a wicked hot song “FUNKNROLL.”  It by you know – THAT ARTIST – the ARTIST – the one an only Prince!  Lets quote Billboard: “”FUNKNROLL” starts out fuzzy and funky before seguing into a hyphy-esque jam. Yes, hyphy — Prince is dabbling in the Bay Area hip-hop […]

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5 Spot on Indoor Cycling Tips from a Double-Gold Olympian

I just was forwarded this online article  that I think us indoor riders and instructors will appreciate about a great athlete – Geraint Thomas (who I admire) – who is the double Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist and who in the summer of 2013, astonished the world with his performance at the 100th Tour de France. What […]

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