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#30DaystoBadass – Day 7 – Fail Because you Took Risks not Because you Didn’t!

The most Badass Personalities are the ones who take big risks, which often means spectacular flameouts. So how’s your new years resolutions looking so far?  If you signed up for this 30 day challenge this is our 7th check in….It’s only early days, I know, but in the past, I’d already be running at a hundred miles an […]

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30 Days to Badass – Day 6 – Stop Playing It Safe!? Why You Should Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Want to be a Badass? Make Pain Your Friend and Stop Playing it Safe We all live our lives according to codes.  Some we know… some we don’t.One of the codes is the myth of safety.​  Go “do” the “right” thing.  Say the “right” words.  Marry the right guy or gal.  Attend the right school. […]

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30 Days to Badass – Day 5 – Thought of the Day “Gratitude”

The Badass Day Starts With Gratitude Lets start with this question… what is the Opposite of Gratitude? Is it self-absorption?  Fear?  I think it is far more dangerous than that.  It is the crazy idea us humans have inside that manifests as “entitlement”.  I’m not talking about the kind of entitlement our grandparents say as they wave […]

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30DaystoBadass – Day 4 – TASK 1 – START a BADASS JOURNAL

TASK 1: START A JOURNAL – Why You Should Keep a BADASS Journal (and How to Start Yours)Most people sleep about seven or eight hours a night. That leaves 16 or 17 hours awake each day. Or about 1,000 minutes.Let’s think about those 1,000 minutes as 100 10-minute blocks. That’s what you got to work with […]

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10 Reasons You Should Try an Indoor Cycling Class

10 Badass Reasons You Want to Take The Ride InsideWhen people think about indoor cycling or the branded term from the founders “spin class” they often associate it with two things: Sweat and Calories.  And both are true. But here at Mixes we know its so much than that.  Its a fitness lifestyle… and here […]

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5 Much Better Reasons to Take a Spinning Class at Your Gym Today :-)

#1 REASON TO TAKE AN INDOOR CYCLING CLASS:  “JOY”On my blog – Mixes – there are no pictures of half naked men and women.  But I do have this thing for putting cuttie doggies in my inspirational meme’s.  Why is that?  Random?  What do they have to do with spinning?  Nope… its about JOY!  That’s […]

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Top 5 Motivational Quotes that Rocked My Spin Class Last Week

Share these Motivational Quotes and Memes with your fellow Indoor Cycling Riders! 5 Motivational Quotes that Rocked my Spin Class What gets you up in the morning to teach or attend a spin class?  As the caffeine loads up in our veins I will bet that it’s more than the pure fitness side.  It’s that […]

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How to come a Rockstar Indoor Cycling Instructor!

What Is a Rockstar Indoor Cycling Instructor?

The Rockstar In You: How to Build Rockstar Confidence in Class, Create Your Own Rockstar Style, and Achieve the Rockstar Performance that Inspires your Riders! To Be a Rockstar Instructor Attitude is Everything! Many talented new instructors are confused by the issue of developing an “image” and as a consequence don’t have a sense of […]

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How to be a Badass and Rockstar Instructor

How to Be a Rockstar Instructor: Part 6 – Apparently We have Been Eating Cupcakes all Wrong!

Apparently there’s a proper way to eat a cupcake…..and. Apparently there’s a proper  way to teach an Indoor Cycling Class… but first the cupcake story.  Curious?  Its interesting so Read on…. you will like this.  It will all make sense soon…. Trust me. I was over at Food Beast – a blog about eating (yes… it’s […]

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Coming to a Spin Class Near you - this is funny!


If you’ve ever taught an indoor cycling class before, I’m sure you’ll recognize the following folks…Let me introduce the class of 2016 spin class winners namely: Bitchy, Sweaty, Hungry, Stinky, Sleepy and A-hole.  This is part 2 of basically my “More Sh#t your Spin Instructor won’t tell you..series.    This post is sort of a […]

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