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The Ultimate “Red Zone” Interval Based Training Plan for Advanced Riders

Code Name: The “RED DRAGON” – cue one BRUTAL, MIND NUMBING, endless HOUR of ASTONISHING MISERY and PAINInto the Red Dragon – How to Perform the Ultimate Interval Training Session Indoor Cycling Instructors often prescribe interval drills as one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight rapidly in their classes for years now. […]

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Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Ideas: 10 min “Mega Burn” Ladder Routine

Indoor Cycling Routine and Playlist to Challenge Speed, Endurance and Ability to Resist FatigueIndoor Cycling Mixes exists to makes your training Ride better.  Our hope is you find our drills, routines, and workouts essential.  So for today you get a special LADDER drill that I LOVE – lets say you woke up with the need […]

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Indoor Cycling Workout of the Day: Brutal 12 Min Climb

The lights are off.  You are warmed up and the instructor guides you into a 12 min all out down a dirty climb!  You enter the ZONE.  Smooth and steady turns of the pedal.  Tasting the sweat as you power up and push through mud up this progressively heavier hill.  And you love it!  Todays […]

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Massive Progressive Indoor Cycling Climb Mix with Intervals ;-)

1. Warm Up On The Flat: Get folks rolling for the first 60 seconds then drop a 30 sec seated double time sprint. Little 15 sec break. Rinse and repeat. Move to a 30 sec rolling double time – 15 sec rest, repeat, Move to a 40 sec rolling double time – 20 sec rest until […]

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The Crucible!! Crazy Hill Attack to Maintain VO2 Max and Stamina! 14 mins

Looking for a “structured” workout to start building  VO2 Max and overall Rider Stamina? VO2  maximal oxygen consumption, aka maximal oxygen uptake, peak oxygen uptake or aerobic capacity is the maximum capacity of an individual’s body to transport and use oxygen during incremental exercise, which reflects the physical fitness of the Rider.  Every instructor should have […]

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