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Indoor Cycling Drill of the Day: Let’s get “High” with some Accelerations

Set the mood with Sir Sly’s “HIGH” broken down for a Neat Acceleration Drill It’s Cyclemixes coming at you with an awesome little drill choreographed to a wicked tune I can’t get enough of!  Trust me you will want to try this meaningful upbeat little number!It amazes me how I hear everyday from indoor cycling […]

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Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Drills - 10 min Spin Ups

Indoor Cycling Essential Drills and Routines: 10 Min Progressive spin-ups

Pedaling Drills for Indoor Cycling – Spin UpsIn this post we review the spin up drill.  The over all purpose of the spin-up drill is to improve the Riders neuromuscular connection to allow for controlled pedalling at higher RPM’s.  We practice how to pedal quickly and smoothly while keeping the upper body as still as […]

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Indoor Cycling and Spin class Drills- Spin Ups

Essential Indoor Cycling Routines and Drills: High-cadence Spin-Ups

INDOOR TRAINER “SKILL DRILLS” FOR IMPROVED PEDALINGAfter many years of teaching I can honestly say that one of the things that drives me bat shit crazy when I go to other instructors classes is the terrible visual I have to endure of what I call the “Vibrators.”  These “Resistaphobes” are the riders in class that […]

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Indoor Cycling Drills: “The Essentials” – Spin Ups

The Essential Indoor Cycling “Spin Up Drill” We want our resistance in a “Medium” range.  Low RPE’s but with enough bite on a rotation that Riders are not just whipping air.  Get the Riders to gradually increase their RPMs/cadence until the point where they begin to bounce on the saddle.  Then Add a touch of […]

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7 Min Endurance Workout Routine

7 Min Cadence Drill Song Idea:featuring: Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes (Metronome & Morten Granau Remix)​ One of my favorite progressive trance tracks… great for steady state work needing focus…anot many distractions to let us get into the head banging flow state I love.. perfect for Cadence drills Your RPM metric or cadence is […]

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Indoor Cycling High Cadence Drill: Undulating Pyramid Spin Ups

Indoor Cycling Playlists: 7 min High Cadence Drill

High Cadence Drills also know as “Spin-ups” are drill indoor cyclists use to improve our neuromuscular connections. The drills purpose is to learn how to pedal quickly and smoothly with no bouncing while keeping the riders upper body as still as possible. Crime number one is when you see people shaking like leaves with their hips […]

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Welcome to another edition of the Workout Daily Drill Deep Dive for spinning instructors and indoor cycling fans.  The purpose of these deep dives is to get into the weeds of great cycling technique. I describe a new indoor cycling drill specific workout that you can add to your playlists and class routines. I also […]

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