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Indoor Cycling Drills You Need: 20 Min Tempo Block with 3 “3-2-1” Pyramids

Indoor Cycling Routines for Instructors I define a Tempo drill as a Ride where we focus our cadence above 90+ rpm in the Tempo zone under enough resistance to be working and uncomfortable but able to ride through with mental focus. In general this increases aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and training stress.  If you are […]

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8 min Indoor Cycling Workout: Tempo Bike Intervals With Bursts

Need a longer Routine for Spin class thats not so hard but not so easy – lets go Tempo with EMEK… Party on!Todays drills is a full 8 minutes long.  Its not a sufferfest.  But it will seriously challenge your riders in a place they might not expect.  That muscle between their ears!  Tempo… especially […]

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8 Min Flat with Power Intervals: Quick Indoor Cycling Workouts for Power and Endurance

This Is Gonna Hurt Indoor Cycling Drills – Turn up the tension What is an indoor cycling class without that dreaded word for some Riders – “Intervals.”  For many Riders the very word “Intervals” leads to groans of dread, tears and sideways looks from even the most fit and training obsessed indoor cyclists. And I […]

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Indoor Cycling Drills 60 Min Tempo Routine

Indoor Cycling Drills: 60 Min Tempo Routine for Spin Class or Solo

Indoor Cyclists have many different approaches to train depending on their goals, time restraints and overall fitness levels. When creating a spin class profile as instructors or solo trainer fans more often than not our training consists of riding in certain predefined zones that correspond to specific rider measures based on a watt’s, heart rate […]

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