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4 Min Power Tabata Indoor Cycling Workout Idea by Angela Montalto

Tabata is high intensity type of interval workout that was inspired by Dr. Izumi Tabata. He is a Japanese researcher who used this protocol in his study on athletes in 1996 (used to see if it would improve the performance of skaters).  It involves going ALL OUT 100%… and we really do not go there […]

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Fun Spin Class Ideas – The “Heavy” Done Tabata Style

Deliver a Tabata Style Drill in your class – a “Heavy” – Legs will Burn Baby! feat Matt Minimal – International Meetings (Original Mix) [Capsula]To deliver a badass spin class you need strong music (see at bottom…this is one of my fav tunes for this heavy), imagery, structure and the group’s energy firmly behind that focus […]

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Indoor Cycling Music Idea for Tabata's

Tabata Drill featuring Educate The Fool/Beyond This World- Druzzi Vs The Jungle Brothers

Educate The Fool/Beyond This World- Druzzi Vs The Jungle Brothers This wonderful piece of ear candy is finding itself into my playlists.  It has a trance like loop that just draws me in.  If you remember Rapture then you will like the DJ and production work they continue under the name Vito & Druzzi. Check out […]

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Indoor Cycling Tabata Workout Drill featuring Prince – Funk’n’Roll (Sammy Senior Remix)

Todays ride is inspired by our community who suggested a wicked hot song “FUNKNROLL.”  It by you know – THAT ARTIST – the ARTIST – the one an only Prince!  Lets quote Billboard: “”FUNKNROLL” starts out fuzzy and funky before seguing into a hyphy-esque jam. Yes, hyphy — Prince is dabbling in the Bay Area hip-hop […]

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Steal this Wicked 5 Min Tabata Style Indoor Cycling Drill ft Music of Disclosure – Bang That

I just came home from a GREAT CLASS.  Not boasting.  Just feel great.  Man I love spinning.  You know the one where you as an instructor you just “loose it” in the soundscape of the playlist mix and it all flows.  For me its where preparation i.e. good class design meets great music – that […]

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4 Min Interval Training Spinning Workout: Tabata Style Workout Feat. The White Stripes – Icky Thump II (MARC CLASH remix) (dope edit)

Interval Training Workout for Spin Class: Tabata Style Workout Feat. The White Stripes – Icky Thump II (MARC CLASH remix) (dope edit) When you use the tabata protocol as a framework for a drill you will be using a workout where you perform “20 seconds of intense work” followed by “10 seconds of rest” for a […]

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Indoor Cycling Tabata Drills: featuring Silver Screen – Felix da Housecat (ORIGINAL)

Doing Tabata workouts, such as this interval workout, two times a week will help your riders become stronger and faster riders. This workout also helps prevent boredom in class!   Just make sure your have rider rider using medium to high resistance – not at or above threshold (usually not >9RPE).  They should not be […]

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Indoor Cycling Routines: 8 Min HITT Tabata Workout Drill

Hey spin instructors and fans – have you ever heard a song and just said WOW – that’s an 8 minute tabata drill for my next workout or class!  Today’s tune is Matt Lange – Scorched Earth Policy.  Nice name no for a killer Tabata duel of you vs machine!  Those legs  and lungs will burn. […]

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