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Indoor Cycling Routine: Progressive Loaded 40/20 Pick Ups feat. ~ELVIS~ HOUND DOG- REHOUNDED

Need an OLDIE that’s a GOODIE because GOOD MUSIC DOES NOT HAVE AN EXPIRY DATEWho does not LOVE Elvis.  Come on even if he is not in your regular rotation on your personal cardio playlist – I have never had a spin class be upset when the instructor dropped in a little Elvis.Todays indoor cycling drill […]

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Spin class Routines with Music Ideas for Warmups – Spin Up’s

Can a Mellow Indoor Cycling Warmup be Fast?  Sure… Today I’ll share with you one of of my favorite drills to get a full riding profile going feat PillowTalk – Sunny.  You can use this for your solo ride on the exercise bike or if your are an indoor cycling instructor you can drop this in […]

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Indoor Cycling Mixes Essential Drills - BLISSFUL 5 MIN WARM UP ROUTINE

Blissful 5 Min Warm Up Routine for Indoor Cycling feat Goldfrapp Remix

Ease Beautifully into your next spin class with Over/Under Drill to this beautiful Joris Voorn RemixMood and tone.  Its what separates the women from the girls.  Men from the boys.  Big dags from dem pups! who teach indoor cycling in my humble opinion.  Of course there are lots of other factors.  Profile design, music, engagement, […]

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Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Drills - 10 min Spin Ups

Indoor Cycling Essential Drills and Routines: 10 Min Progressive spin-ups

Pedaling Drills for Indoor Cycling – Spin UpsIn this post we review the spin up drill.  The over all purpose of the spin-up drill is to improve the Riders neuromuscular connection to allow for controlled pedalling at higher RPM’s.  We practice how to pedal quickly and smoothly while keeping the upper body as still as […]

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The Punisher - Indoor Cycling Workout Drill of the Day - Warm ups

Indoor Cycling Workout of The Day: The Punisher Warmup Drill with Spin Ups

Greetings my fellow spin addicts and indoor cycling instructors.  Todays indoor cycling Workout of the Day drill is an all-purpose warm up song idea and full riding cues.  This WOD will be rolled up into a full class profile called “The Punisher.”  You can find that here if you want to ride this on your […]

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Indoor Cycling Drills: “The Essentials” – Spin Ups

The Essential Indoor Cycling “Spin Up Drill” We want our resistance in a “Medium” range.  Low RPE’s but with enough bite on a rotation that Riders are not just whipping air.  Get the Riders to gradually increase their RPMs/cadence until the point where they begin to bounce on the saddle.  Then Add a touch of […]

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