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Indoor Cycling Drill of the Day: Let’s get “High” with some Accelerations

Set the mood with Sir Sly’s “HIGH” broken down for a Neat Acceleration Drill It’s Cyclemixes coming at you with an awesome little drill choreographed to a wicked tune I can’t get enough of!  Trust me you will want to try this meaningful upbeat little number!It amazes me how I hear everyday from indoor cycling […]

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Spin Class Drills - The Race Pick Up Drill

Spin Class Drills and Routines: Race Pick Ups – Interval Workouts

Essential Indoor Cycling Routines and Workouts: “The Race Pick Up Drill” Want to walk the walk—or in this case, talk indoor cycling instructor smack? Then it’s time to learn how to talk the talk! Everyone knows Spin Instructors are all a shall we say a “little bit intense/crazy”, so it’s no surprise we have a language […]

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