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Spin Class Ideas and Drills: 10 Min Hurts so Good Pyramid Drill feat. JON HOPKINS – COLLIDER

Todays song is a longer one – 10 min in fact and features a remix of the “unearthly beautiful and darkly mysterious” music of Jon Hopkins – Collider and one of my personal favourites.  A constant pet peeve of mine in spinning classes are the constant 5 min turnover of drills to match the typical […]

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0 Min Pyramid Interval Workout – Intense Interval Cardio Challenge

30 Min Pyramid Interval Workout – Intense Interval Cardio Challenge for Indoor Cycling

Need a 30 Min Spin workout for days you cannot make it to spin class?  Read on!If you are pressed for time and cannot make a spin class today you may want to print out the routine I created below. Even if you cannot make it to the spin studio, you can always ride solo […]

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Indoor Cycling Routines

Indoor Cycling Drills: 18 Minute Cardio Explosion – Progressive Sprint, Breakaway, Surge Pyramid Drill

To be a Rockstar spin instructor you need to be able to clearly communicate with your Riders what is happening.  This is one of the KEY skills.  The rooms you teach in are loud, noisy, and Riders are often unfocused.  You need to build up a rapport and ease of communication such that they immediately […]

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Indoor Cycling Workout Routines – Pyramid Intervals Drills feat Hybrid Theory

Song 1/2 of Set Song 2/2 of Set A really popular indoor cycling routine I often teach within the spin classes I lead is the interval format known as a “pyramid”.  Hill climb intervals are probably my favourite type of training. This drill will improve our anerobic capacity as well as develop our sprinting power […]

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Indoor Cycling Drills – Pyramid Interval Workouts

[su_heading size=”25″]My favourite Pyramid Interval Workout[/su_heading] Time flies in spin class by when you are delivering a Pyramid Interval Workout, because it requires you to pay so much attention to your interval times. The main idea  is that you’re going up and down a “pyramid” by starting your hard interval at a one time segment, resting and […]

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