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The Ultimate “Red Zone” Interval Based Training Plan for Advanced Riders

Code Name: The “RED DRAGON” – cue one BRUTAL, MIND NUMBING, endless HOUR of ASTONISHING MISERY and PAINInto the Red Dragon – How to Perform the Ultimate Interval Training Session Indoor Cycling Instructors often prescribe interval drills as one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight rapidly in their classes for years now. […]

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Indoor Cycling Drills: 60/90/120 focus Intervals- Stamina/Endurance – RPMs 80-100+

A Stamina Focused Spin Class Drill to feel the Burn!I love drills that are simple.  Easy to remember and effective.  Here is a super simple 60/90/120 set of intervals that focus on developing stamina and endurance.  But even better we have a tunes that naturally is segmented into these timings!  I search for these tunes. […]

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8 Min Flat with Power Intervals: Quick Indoor Cycling Workouts for Power and Endurance

This Is Gonna Hurt Indoor Cycling Drills – Turn up the tension What is an indoor cycling class without that dreaded word for some Riders – “Intervals.”  For many Riders the very word “Intervals” leads to groans of dread, tears and sideways looks from even the most fit and training obsessed indoor cyclists. And I […]

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Essential Spin Class Drills with Music: Power 90 Intervals with Negative Splits

6 Min Indoor Cycling Routine feat Dax J ‘The Wonk’Power 90 Intervals are as the name suggests a longer interval that runs for 90 seconds.  We are probing that edge where aerobic power systems are shutting down and anaerobic power kicks in.  This drill is inspired by ‘The Wonk’ a 6 min riding soundscape that is about as […]

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Spin Class Routine for 8 min of Power Intervals


Rocking 8 min Banger Indoor Cycling Song Idea and Wicked Hard Routine to Blow Your Spin class Riders Fuses! Spin Class Best New Tunes – Feb 21 This indoor cycling drill is designed to increase your maximum sustainable power. The intensity for the intervals is just below your maximum sustainable power output vs the pace […]

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Spin Class Ideas: 30-20-10 Power Drill

4 min Spin Class Ideas: 30-20-10 Power Drill feat T. Rex – Bang A Gong (Strobes Remix)

4 min Power Drill Sequence for Indoor Cycling Class I love Power drills in my riding profiles.  A great Power drill will not only enhance overall muscular activity but these barn burners can improve the health of your Riders connective tissues and enhance joint stability in their  knees, hips and ankles.  The advent of the Power […]

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4 Min of Power Intervals feat. Imagine Dragons - It's Time

4 Min of Power Intervals feat. Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

I like the Imagine Dragons – It’s Time for a quick and dirty 4 min climbing drill – that will feature Power Intervals with Active Recovery Standing Climbs.  With Thanksgiving approaching, we will all soon be taking time to acknowledge what we’re grateful for. Why do we do it? What good is gratitude?One of the […]

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