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Essential Spin Class Drills with Music: Power 90 Intervals with Negative Splits

6 Min Indoor Cycling Routine feat Dax J ‘The Wonk’Power 90 Intervals are as the name suggests a longer interval that runs for 90 seconds.  We are probing that edge where aerobic power systems are shutting down and anaerobic power kicks in.  This drill is inspired by ‘The Wonk’ a 6 min riding soundscape that is about as […]

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How to Be a Rockstar Spin Instructor – Negative Split Interval Training Guide

Essential Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Routines for Instructors and FansA negative split or the action of negative splitting is a strategy that involves completing the second half of a race (row,swim,run) faster than the first half.  In an indoor cycling class my way of looking at this is that we complete intervals or repeats […]

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