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Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Ideas: No Need to Rush it! – A Slow and Steady Climb Tonight!

The More you Push …the More It Pushes you …Back… and other Ideas To Be  Rockstar Instructor…I simply love this artist and song idea for a not very long…big slowish climb… with the help of a “​Trevor Hall “You Can’t Rush Your Healing”.song  .. a lovely ” melodically gorgeous lullaby beginning with a simple, lush guitar […]

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Indoor Cycling Routine for a Strength Climb: “The Muscle Mayhem” by Mary Moore-Farrell

High Energy Spin Class Drill That’s a Leg Toucher feat the vibes of “Go” by the Chemical Brothers Todays drills is part of our Badass drill awards and comes straight from the bike of MARY MOORE-FARRELL who has been teaching 8 years in Columbus, Ohio.  9 years ago she had an injury to her knee which ended a […]

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Indoor and Spin Class Drills for Strength Climbs: “The GRINDER” 3 min Push feat AWOLNATION – Woman Woman

ELECTRO PUNK Spin Class Routine for a Brief but Strong Escalating Climb by Diana DiRienzo’s A Spin Class a Day Keeps the Therapist Away Often after I have taken my riders for a long tempo run I want to get them up out of the saddles for a good strong but not to long push up […]

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Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Ideas: 10 min “Mega Burn” Ladder Routine

Indoor Cycling Routine and Playlist to Challenge Speed, Endurance and Ability to Resist FatigueIndoor Cycling Mixes exists to makes your training Ride better.  Our hope is you find our drills, routines, and workouts essential.  So for today you get a special LADDER drill that I LOVE – lets say you woke up with the need […]

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Spin Class Teaching Ideas: Endurance Climb

7 Min Indoor Cycling Class Idea: 40/20 Splits feat Daft Punk – Around The World (Richard Earnshaw & Mike Scot 2012 Re-Edit)

7 Min Spin Class Endurance Climb Drill – 40/20 Splits Daft Punk’s legendary Around The World gets a 2012 soulful treatment by Richard Earnshaw and Mike Scot… A few years ago this idea was born during the Amsterdam Dance Event and now you can get it for free…. Please let us now your thoughts and […]

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THE 28 Min T-REX HILL CLIMB for Spin Class

28 Min Escalating Intervals Spin Class Monster Hill

Code Name T-Rex: a MASSIVE 28 Min Hill Climb Hill I love creating drills for my spin class.  All sorts of drills and workout  – sprints, climbs, jumps – you name it.  But this one is infamous with my Riders.  It’s called the “T-Rex.” It BIG.  Its MEAN.  It BURNS.  It’s LONG.  And it will make […]

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The Ultimate Guide to the BEST SPINNING CLIMB SONGS

Spin class hill climbs work best when you have a tune that makes you want to crank up volume, dim the lights, and start pouring out the sweat.  The thing that new indoor cycling instructor often fail to realize is that he right music can make or break your indoor cycling class – it’s a […]

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Indoor Cycling Drills_ 10 Min Mountain EPIC Climb feat. When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin remix)

Indoor Cycling Drills: 10 Min Mountain EPIC Climb feat. When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin remix)

This is not for Spin class Newbies nor Faint of Heart!  Endurance, Effort, Focus!Every Once in Awhile!  I remember why I love music and spin together so much.  And this drill matched to “When the Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin remix).”  The soundscape for our adventure is my Gratton whose remix integrates “When the Levee Breaks” – […]

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Standing Climb with Seated Power Pushes

Indoor Cycling Drills: Standing Climb with Seated Power Pushes

This is one of those tunes I have on the iPod constantly when I need a musical pump up in the gym.  In the spin studio it works well for me on drills that demand focus and determination to grind through some hard work on the body and head.  The tune I am enjoying a […]

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Indoor And Spin Class Drills

Indoor Cycling Routines: 5 Steady State Climb feat. Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn (Steezmonks’ Remix)

​The Drill The Progressive Hill Climb – Length 5:00 ​ On a progressive hill climb we slowly accumulate resistance – whilst try to maintain RPM as fast as we can until the resistance DEMANDS lower RPMs.  We run into the hill at speed and let the resistance slow us down.  Hit a crest… and finish […]

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