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Indoor Cycling and Sore Muscles After Spin Class

Thigh Muscle Pain after Spinning class?  Here are Best Recovery Strategies Every Spinner Needs To Know To Enhance PerformanceMuscle soreness after a heavy Indoor Cycling workout is sometimes inevitable.  But you should not ignore it.  Recovery strategies are not often discussed between Instructors and Riders.   We tend to discuss more fun things like mileage, […]

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Indoor Cycling And The Potential For Neck Pain

Indoor Cycling and the potential for neck pain: how to prevent and treat it

Most indoor cyclists don’t spend the countless hours that our outdoor friends do perched on a bike.  Its pretty obvious that although the bicycle is one of humanities most simple and beautiful machines us humans where not evolved to sit on one for hours on end without breaks.  That is why it is so critical […]

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5 Core Exercises Every Indoor Cyclist Should Do!

When we think of indoor cycling, we generally think of are legs. It’s very obvious that our legs are critical to cycling, but what may not be so evident is the role of our core! If you are serious spin class fan or are interested in outdoor cycling this year and you want to do more than […]

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One Indoor Cycling Benefit You Might Not have thought About – Migraine relief, exercise and the Dark Studio

Do you suffer from migraines?  Or some of your riders do?  If so you might be interested in a study is published in Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain there seems to be evidence that indoor cycling might be of benefit.  I am not a doctor but having lived with family who suffered from […]

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Yoga for Indoor Cycling: The Prone Cobra – Adding Core Strength to Your Spinning Program

Have you ever been mistaken (or saw someone in you spinning class) for that malformed Parisian who lives in a Cathedral and rings bells? If so, you could be suffering  from kyphosis. Kyphosis is defined as an exaggerated forward curving of the thoracic portion of the vertebral column. In ordinary terms it’s been called “hunchback” […]

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