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All Extremely Badass People Must Give Up These 13 Habits

Real Badassery is built through hard work and excellent habits.Real Badassery is not Grandiosity.1Although the two often get confused, people with narcissistic tendencies need everyone to think that they’re special. They have a need for admiration and a sense of entitlement that’s rooted in deep-seated insecurities.  This often gets mixed up with confidence or as […]

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30 Days to Badass - Day 8 - LOVING YOUR BODY

30 Days to Badass: Day 8 – Loving your Body

How to Be a Badass – You are Enough!It’s 3am in the morning and I find myself in the kitchen.  Am I sleep walking?  Although I have made a personal goal to restrict my carbs reasonably I find myself grabbing the peanut butter and jam to make a sandwich.  Half asleep I make my little […]

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How To Be A Rock Star Indoor Cycling Instructor: Creating a Self Care Plan

How to be an Indoor Cycling Instructor that Rocks?  Self Care!  It is a challenge to put self-care on the top of your priority list for 30 days.  Mind, Body, Spin This is one of a series of post on how to be an indoor cycling instructor that rocks.  For my seasoned readers, this post […]

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Workouts, Routines, Profiles and Music Ideas for Your Next Jump or Lift Drill for Indoor CyclingJumps.  That word in the indoor cycling and spinning world has become so polarized and politicized by the various “camps” that you dare not even bring it up!  And that is itself is sad.  Lots of finger wagging.  But we […]

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How and Why Be A Rockstar Indoor Cycling Instructor: Why What You Do Matters so Much

It’s More than Bringing the Outside Ride in – But the Inside Ride OutInstructors teach for many reasons.  But for many if not all that I have met there is a common thread – we care about people.  And a Rockstar Instructor usually deeply cares.  Many of us have struggled in our lives.  Life happened […]

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How to Be a Rockstar Spin Instructor – Negative Split Interval Training Guide

Essential Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Routines for Instructors and FansA negative split or the action of negative splitting is a strategy that involves completing the second half of a race (row,swim,run) faster than the first half.  In an indoor cycling class my way of looking at this is that we complete intervals or repeats […]

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Best Spinning Songs and Indoor Cycling Playlists – Music, Tracks, Profiles and Mixes What are the best indoor cycling songs for your class or solo trainer rides? When it comes to selecting the most motivational music for your indoor cycling classes, I recommend that you try to include several different genres in your routines and class […]

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Top 5 Motivational Cues and Memes for Indoor Cycling and Spinning

Best Spin Class Motivational Quotes for Instructors and Fans so Far for Feb 2016 Motivational Quotes and Cues that my Indoor Cycling Riders Loved Over at my Facebook page dedicated to all things Indoor Cycling but with a focus on music I regularly publish little motivational images and memes to share with instructors and riders. […]

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45 Min Gladiator Theme Endurance Ride


The “GLADIATOR” delivers a spin class workout with super Intensity!  The profile is deceptively simple, comprised of 7 drills rolled up into a 45 min endurance-fest that will be every spin instructors go to!There are many ways to design and deliver a full spin class profile.  I claim no perfect way.  This is just one […]

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How to come a Rockstar Indoor Cycling Instructor!

What Is a Rockstar Indoor Cycling Instructor?

The Rockstar In You: How to Build Rockstar Confidence in Class, Create Your Own Rockstar Style, and Achieve the Rockstar Performance that Inspires your Riders! To Be a Rockstar Instructor Attitude is Everything! Many talented new instructors are confused by the issue of developing an “image” and as a consequence don’t have a sense of […]

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