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Indoor Cycling Drills You Need: 20 Min Tempo Block with 3 “3-2-1” Pyramids

Indoor Cycling Routines for Instructors I define a Tempo drill as a Ride where we focus our cadence above 90+ rpm in the Tempo zone under enough resistance to be working and uncomfortable but able to ride through with mental focus. In general this increases aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and training stress.  If you are […]

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New Drill Ideas for Spin Class – Quick Flat road here to recover from the Climbing

5 Banging Remixes Of Wolfman Woman to Lock and Load this Drill for your ProfileHi everyone! You Sweat drenched Badass Instructors.  Hope y’all have had a great start to Dec 2015, and if you’re an indoor cycling instructor, I’m sure you’re in the midst of the busy “holiday season!”  So watch those partisan take care […]

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3:34min Muscular Endurance Intervals Drill feat DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What (Onderkoffer Remix)

Essential Spin Class Drills for Your Next ProfileA key skill many Riders want to develop is the ability to maintain the ability of pushing a high gear (high resistance) at a relatively high cadence for a short duration. This drill is a taste of this by focusing on developing the ability to push a high […]

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Indoor Cycling Workouts – Developing the Perfect Stroke using “push-push-pull” cycling technique

In todays featured drill we are working on developing a fluid pedal stroke which is a fundamental skill of cycling and therefore really needs to be a point of focus indoor for spinning workouts.  Just like a basketball player spends hours in the gym running drills and shooting from the free-throw line, developing a fluid pedal […]

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Spinning Workout Routines – The “Classic” fast flat

Imagine you are on a biking trip through Cape Cod, you stop for a quick break only to find a mysterious, intriguing musical letter in a bottle in the sand, addressed from Cyclemixes to you!  You are fascinated by it – It says “Remind Yourself that its ok not to be perfect”  and as you continue riding you […]

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