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Science: Running Is Better Than Every Other Exercise at Making You Live Longer | GQ

Fitness Science: Running Is Better Than Every Other Exercise at Making You Live Longer And a little bit goes a long way! In what should come as welcome news to your high school gym teacher and a grim revelation to everyone who finds running to be dreadfully dull and monotonous, a new review published in […]

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Indoor Cycling and Sore Muscles After Spin Class

Thigh Muscle Pain after Spinning class?  Here are Best Recovery Strategies Every Spinner Needs To Know To Enhance PerformanceMuscle soreness after a heavy Indoor Cycling workout is sometimes inevitable.  But you should not ignore it.  Recovery strategies are not often discussed between Instructors and Riders.   We tend to discuss more fun things like mileage, […]

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10 Reasons You Should Try an Indoor Cycling Class

10 Badass Reasons You Want to Take The Ride InsideWhen people think about indoor cycling or the branded term from the founders “spin class” they often associate it with two things: Sweat and Calories.  And both are true. But here at Mixes we know its so much than that.  Its a fitness lifestyle… and here […]

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A New “Spin” On Team Building Exercises – Indoor Cycling!

Nevada Basketball Program was taken out of their comfort zone… maybe your “team” should too! INDOOR CYCLING MOTIVATION – I came I SPUN I CONQUERED Looking to get a your club, corporate group out of the office and interacting?  The following story might motivate you to try something different next time!  “For 45 minutes the […]

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Indoor Cycling Strength Training Off The Bike

Indoor Cycling Strength Training Off The Bike – 3 Essential Hamstring Exercises

One of the biggest mistakes I see for folks who start to take indoor cycling seriously is that they neglect their strength training off the bike!  Weight training and cycling are best buddies but for some reason I see my riders start to keep the two activities completely separate.  As an indoor cyclist you are […]

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Core Exercises for Indoor Cycling

4 Core Exercises Video Every Indoor Cyclist Needs to Watch, Learn – Do Now!

When you come to class you may think that cycling is all about those bulging shapely quads and razor-cut calves – which of course are the envy of the top heavy meat heads looking through the spin studio door!   You know the one’s who come to class once to “shred” – never to be […]

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Yoga for Indoor Cycling: The Prone Cobra – Adding Core Strength to Your Spinning Program

Have you ever been mistaken (or saw someone in you spinning class) for that malformed Parisian who lives in a Cathedral and rings bells? If so, you could be suffering  from kyphosis. Kyphosis is defined as an exaggerated forward curving of the thoracic portion of the vertebral column. In ordinary terms it’s been called “hunchback” […]

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Guest Playlist: Indoor Cycling Playlists Hot from the Music Archives of Beth Alexander

If you are looking for some inspiration for a playlist for your next spin class or workout check out todays guest blog fromBeth Alexander.  I have been following her blog for a bit and really enjoy her mixes and messages – so wanted to introduce you guys.  From her about me she ” teaches people […]

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