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Indoor Cycling and Spin® Class Drill Idea of Day: Leading Foot Switches feat. Will Smith – Switch

Stationary Bike Drill Idea for: Single Leg Drills In this indoor cycling routine we focus on “Pedaling” which one would think is the easiest, most natural motion!  In fact this is another cycling drill – a skill we can master – Master an Efficient Pedal Stroke with Single-Leg Drills. LEADING FOOT SWITCHES FEAT. WILL SMITH – SWITCH Inefficient pedaling […]

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Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Drills - Cyberpunk Series

Spin Class 4:21 – Power Climb – feat Ki Theory “Enjoy The Silence”

POWER HILL CLIMB for YOUR NEXT SPIN CLASS PROFILEIf you have a propensity to the dramatic you will enjoy this 4:21min rework of a classic haunting song – Depeche Mode’s 1990 hit “Enjoy The Silence” covered in cyberpunk style by Joel Burleson aka: Ki Theory.  You might have noticed this tune on the trailer for the […]

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Indoor Cycling Essential Drills: The Power “Rolla’ Coaster” Routine Series

Music is the Soundscape and The Rolla’ Coaster Drill Workout is the Easiest Setup You will Find for your Next Profile Indoor Cycling Mixes Rolla’ Coaster Drills for Spin Class This is another is in our series of essential drills, routines and workout techniques every indoor cycling instructor needs to know to stay fresh and […]

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4 Min Jump Style Routine for Indoor Cycling Workout: FITNESS DIVA DELIRIUM DRILL by STEPHANIE LOZON

Fast and Furious Spin Class 4 Part Jumps to Rihanna’s Unapologetic!This drill come from one of our YMCA instructor peeps at Mixes (man there are so many of you!) STEPHANIE LOZON who is a volunteer cycle Instructor at her local YMCA. She went from being a dedicated participant taking quite a a few classes a week […]

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Best New Music For Indoor Cycling and Spin Class for April 2016

Best Music Bets for your Spin Class Drills and Routines from April 2016 Every month I have the pleasure of pulling together the top 30 or so tracks that really made a difference in my classes for the last month.  Why do they make it on this list?  Sometime I love them because they are so […]

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8 min Indoor Cycling Workout: Tempo Bike Intervals With Bursts

Need a longer Routine for Spin class thats not so hard but not so easy – lets go Tempo with EMEK… Party on!Todays drills is a full 8 minutes long.  Its not a sufferfest.  But it will seriously challenge your riders in a place they might not expect.  That muscle between their ears!  Tempo… especially […]

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Indoor Cycling Mixes Essential Drills - BLISSFUL 5 MIN WARM UP ROUTINE

Blissful 5 Min Warm Up Routine for Indoor Cycling feat Goldfrapp Remix

Ease Beautifully into your next spin class with Over/Under Drill to this beautiful Joris Voorn RemixMood and tone.  Its what separates the women from the girls.  Men from the boys.  Big dags from dem pups! who teach indoor cycling in my humble opinion.  Of course there are lots of other factors.  Profile design, music, engagement, […]

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How to Be a Rockstar Spin Instructor – Negative Split Interval Training Guide

Essential Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Routines for Instructors and FansA negative split or the action of negative splitting is a strategy that involves completing the second half of a race (row,swim,run) faster than the first half.  In an indoor cycling class my way of looking at this is that we complete intervals or repeats […]

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Spin Class 6min 3 Stage Progressive Run Routine: Feat Lenny Kravitz – Are you gonna go my F king way

The Perfect Remix of a Classic that has 3 Natural Longer Breakouts Spinning class and indoor cycling motivation – Running late to happy hour Does not Count as a workout One of the things I look at with a potential tune for my indoor cycling class profiles is the musical structure.  What I mean by […]

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Indoor Cycling And Spin Class Drills - 10 min Spin Ups

Indoor Cycling Essential Drills and Routines: 10 Min Progressive spin-ups

Pedaling Drills for Indoor Cycling – Spin UpsIn this post we review the spin up drill.  The over all purpose of the spin-up drill is to improve the Riders neuromuscular connection to allow for controlled pedalling at higher RPM’s.  We practice how to pedal quickly and smoothly while keeping the upper body as still as […]

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