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3 Ideas For Cool down Songs for Spin class

3 Eclectic Cool Down Song Ideas – Featured Artist – Beats Antique

BEATS ANTIQUE, an oakland based group featuring ZOE JAKES, DAVID SATORI, AND SIDECAR TOMMY, which has stumbled down the rabbit hole and emerged anew on the other side. BEATS ANTIQUE forges a curious alliance between middle eastern traditions and potent west coast circus, underground hip hop, breakbeat brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep. Beats Antique […]

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Indoor Cycling Mixes Top 10 Picks for Cooldown Music for May 2015

Spinning Tribe!  Here are my top 10 picks for cool-down music ideas.  But don’t think these down tempo soundscapes are just for a cool down.  I also LOVE to use them on slow… climbs… steady RPM’s no smashing.. high power endurance uphill battles.  String two or three together and you have  15 min mountain.  Have […]

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Indoor Cycling Cooldown Benefits

What Is One of the Main Benefits of a Cooldown Period After Your Spin Class?

If you go long in spin class and are pressed for time, you might be tempted to stop the class as soon as the main part of your workout profile is done. However, it only takes a few minutes to protect yourself from the potential complications of stopping your ride suddenly. Always Perform a light […]

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Exercise as Meditative Practice or This is not just a “Calorie-Blasting Cycling Workout”… enjoy

1st – I am enthralled by this song.  Spellbound -in fact… “The beginning where it kinda stutters and skips is like the stage where you question the meaning of anything…and when it starts to play smoothly and beautifully…is where you REALIZE and WAKE UP out of the robot humans have been tricked into. and find […]

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Indoor Cycling and Yoga – A Postride Yoga Stretch For Indoor Cycling Fanatics

This blog post outlines a  yoga pose – the Crescent Lunge – for a  post ride yoga stretch sequence for spinning fanatics. But first!  Do you remember your dreams?  No matter what your level of fitness.  NO matter what you believe is possible – if you are willing to be open and honest about where your […]

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