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Is Indoor Cycling Bad for the Bedroom! Hint! Private parts go numb during indoor cycling?

Here is a touchy question:  Do your private parts go numb during a spin class often?  If so you might be in trouble!  Numbness is an issue in general for indoor and outside riders (wrists, toes, necks).  Riding in a relatively fixed position for extended periods of time will magnify any positional issues into numbness […]

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Indoor Cycling Beginners Guide

Indoor Cycling Beginners Guide – The First 90 Days Plan – Part 2

This program will teach you how to go from newbie to jock(ette)!  If you are a beginner to indoor cycling the intensity can be seriously overwhelming.  I have broken down a training plan that will take you through the first three months for novices and folks coming back from injury etc that will jump start your […]

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How To Set Up Your Spin Bike?

Indoor Cycling: The Breakdown on Bike Set-Up First welcome!  If you are new to indoor cycling I am super excited that you have found it to my blog!  I have lots of resources for a new rider so please leave me a comment below on how it goes and if you need any other advise […]

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Indoor Cycling Mixes Beginners Guide to Indoor Cycling – Part 1

Indoor Cycling also commonly know as Spinning (brand name of company that started it) is one of the best workouts you can incorporate into your workout routine.  It is ranked as one of the top fitness trends now for over three decades.  You will see cycling classes in most gyms and most cities now have […]

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