All Extremely Badass People Must Give Up These 13 Habits

Real Badassery is built through hard work and excellent habits.Real Badassery is not Grandiosity.1Although the two often get confused, people with narcissistic tendencies need everyone to think that they’re special. They have a need for admiration and a sense of entitlement that’s rooted in deep-seated insecurities.  This often gets mixed up with confidence or as […]

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Science: Running Is Better Than Every Other Exercise at Making You Live Longer | GQ

Fitness Science: Running Is Better Than Every Other Exercise at Making You Live Longer And a little bit goes a long way! In what should come as welcome news to your high school gym teacher and a grim revelation to everyone who finds running to be dreadfully dull and monotonous, a new review published in […]

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Study finds measurable boost for aging brains from exercise – The Washington Post

(ISTOCKPHOTO) Listing all the benefits of exercise takes a long sheet of paper. They include stronger bones and muscles, better weight control, improved mental health, mood enhancement and less risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and some cancers. Do the benefits also include better cognitive functioning after middle age? The researchers analyzed […]

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Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Drills - Cyberpunk Series

Spin Class 4:21 – Power Climb – feat Ki Theory “Enjoy The Silence”

POWER HILL CLIMB for YOUR NEXT SPIN CLASS PROFILEIf you have a propensity to the dramatic you will enjoy this 4:21min rework of a classic haunting song – Depeche Mode’s 1990 hit “Enjoy The Silence” covered in cyberpunk style by Joel Burleson aka: Ki Theory.  You might have noticed this tune on the trailer for the […]

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30 Days to Badass - Day 8 - LOVING YOUR BODY

30 Days to Badass: Day 8 – Loving your Body

How to Be a Badass – You are Enough!It’s 3am in the morning and I find myself in the kitchen.  Am I sleep walking?  Although I have made a personal goal to restrict my carbs reasonably I find myself grabbing the peanut butter and jam to make a sandwich.  Half asleep I make my little […]

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Indoor Cycling Mixes Top 10 Tune for St Patricks Day

Your St. Patrick’s Day Spin Class playlist — A roundup of rock bands and musicians

​As St. Patrick’s Day celebrations welcome spring all over the world and thoughts turn to all things Eire, now is the perfect time to celebrate my top ten musicians from the Emerald Isle.  How is that for a twist and theme for your St Patrick’s day playlist! Ireland has produced some of the most Badass rock […]

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spinning shoes

Indoor Cycling and Spinning Shoes: a complete buyer’s guide

Before You Buy a Pair of Indoor Cycling or Spin Shoes Read This! Quick Navigation BackgroundWHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF INDOOR CYCLNG AND SPIN CLASS SHOESReason #1: SIMPLY A BETTER RIDE!Reason 2: It’s All in the DesignReason 3: BETTER BIOMECHANICS ON THE BIKEReason 4: SafetyReason 5: Efficiency: Push and PullWhat Are Indoor Cycling or Spin […]

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Indoor Cycling and Sore Muscles After Spin Class

Thigh Muscle Pain after Spinning class?  Here are Best Recovery Strategies Every Spinner Needs To Know To Enhance PerformanceMuscle soreness after a heavy Indoor Cycling workout is sometimes inevitable.  But you should not ignore it.  Recovery strategies are not often discussed between Instructors and Riders.   We tend to discuss more fun things like mileage, […]

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#30DaystoBadass – Day 7 – Fail Because you Took Risks not Because you Didn’t!

The most Badass Personalities are the ones who take big risks, which often means spectacular flameouts. So how’s your new years resolutions looking so far?  If you signed up for this 30 day challenge this is our 7th check in….It’s only early days, I know, but in the past, I’d already be running at a hundred miles an […]

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30 Days to Badass – Day 6 – Stop Playing It Safe!? Why You Should Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Want to be a Badass? Make Pain Your Friend and Stop Playing it Safe We all live our lives according to codes.  Some we know… some we don’t.One of the codes is the myth of safety.​  Go “do” the “right” thing.  Say the “right” words.  Marry the right guy or gal.  Attend the right school. […]

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