Best Mashups Ideas for Indoor Cycling and Spin Class Soundscapes: Music Is the Method, The Message and Muse

Outside we Ride on a "Landscape" - The Inside Ride is on the "Soundscape" 

I would have been a failure as an indoor cycling instructor without mashups.  STRAIGHT UP.  They kill it.  So with the popularity of mashups that have been on the decline now for awhile perhaps dying off since 2011~2012, mostly due to major label pressures on the outlets provided by SoundCloud and other music services. As an instructor if they get crushed I will really miss them!  We need to lobby!  Seriously.  

They bring fun, surprise to spin classes, and smile to my riders all the time.  

Below is my ongoing list of fav's on soundcloud (that have not been taken down! boo).  I'm going to have to start sourcing them elsewhere soon if soundcloud does not get it you know what together bit for now!  

We can split mashups into two categories.

The first takes samples from many pop songs all compiled into one. There are many on the playlist that are good examples.

The other kind is when you have a vocal track that gets mixed in with an instrumental.

The level of difficulty might be as hard as the first, but I we can be sure that it is far much more difficult to get to sound good.

Putting two well known sounds together and making them sound like they always should have been in bed (metaphorically) is hard for any music producer, let alone one working with sounds people are so familiar with.

So please listen... and comment with your ideas ... and if you are a producer!  I want you to email me... lets feature you!  FREE... and all.. heheh...  ​

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