30DaystoBadass – Day 4 – TASK 1 – START a BADASS JOURNAL

TASK 1: START A JOURNAL - Why You Should Keep a BADASS Journal (and How to Start Yours)

Most people sleep about seven or eight hours a night. That leaves 16 or 17 hours awake each day. Or about 1,000 minutes.

Let’s think about those 1,000 minutes as 100 10-minute blocks. That’s what you got to work with with every day.​

I want you to give me ONE ten min BLOCK! JUST 1% of your DAY!!!.  Yup... thats the TASK

In return ... you might get the Badass life you want.

Does that sound like a deal? But first some dirty work... sorry.

Ok.  Let cut to the chase here.  

You would have to be living under a rock not to have had some guru not tell you about the life changing benefits of journaling.   Getting ready to write this and having read about the benefits of journalling, I'd tried on a number of occasions to commit to the act, though failed to ever go further than a few days in the past.

My problem - well, its twofold: procrastination and perfectionism!  And I bet a lot of taco's that you are under the same bridge... so before we map out a simple start to your journalling journey - let's have THE TALK about the two P's!


The sight of my awful handwriting and/or spelling mistakes or grammar errors that had been crossed out, and now looked messy on the notebook page. What can I say, I just wanted my grand thoughts/feelings/ideas/plans etc... to look amazing.  So I sort of stopped....

Now how freaking stupid is that....

But the more I thought about it the more I realized it was a symptom of the problem I was trying to solve.

One of the most common anxieties that most of us struggle with is the fear that if they are not functioning at an A+ perfectionist level we are not doing "it" right.

We feel like we are not ok, and they - the world will find us out and will we will somehow fall apart.

On the road to a BADASS LIFE this must change because I know that I’m probably overstating the problem a bit, but it is very difficult to manage the need many of us have to be a perfectionist.

I am a getting shit done'ist... these days.  (note the typos')

My irritation with my handwriting - that  perfectionist face in one area of my life, was showing up in all part of my life!!!

This is especially true when we are attempting to find our BADSSS life purpose and begin creating the life we have always wanted to life. Because we have a great passion to create a new life for ourselves, it’s easy to confuse our passion for a new life with our need to be perfect. 


So... lets take this excuse off the table.  You need a pen, paper, time (10 min folks) and a little process.  We will get to the process in a sec but before that I'll speak to my second demon - ​procrastination


​Today is day 4 of our little challenge.  How has it been going?   Any major life changes so far?  Can you even remember the notes from days 1,2,3?  I'm right there with you peeps!  

The problem is: Doing these changes are really hard.

And it gets harder every day.

Some days, it seems more realistic to just give up entirely. Admit it!  Why bother!

The whole taking one step forward and one or two steps backward pattern is getting old.

​... and that's when our old friend procrastination comes knocking.  

The list of things I can procrastinate about is endless, but the list of reasons for why I procrastinate is not.

I avoid tasks for the same reason: FEAR.

Taking that action will cause us a certain amount of pain.

To understand this idea, close your eyes and try the following:

Think of an action you’ve been avoiding. It could be any of the examples in the last three days I have given or something that’s specific to your life. Imagine yourself starting to take that action.


Is that how you imagined it????​


You’re going to feel something unpleasant probably . Concentrate on what you feel now for a min.  Get real.

Face that enemy in our hearts called fear.  We project a reality on things and generally they look bad.  And this my friends is why we procrastinate.  Afterwards we dress it all up in excuses.  But bottom line we let FEAR drive us and not HOPE and COURAGE.  ​

The 7 Badass Benefits of Keeping a Daily Journal!


  • Process Life Events
  • Connect With Your True Heart
  • Record Life Lessons
  • Ask Yourself life questions
  • Have a gauge on mental weather
  • Become conscious of your inner dreams
  • Be self focused

A Really Simple Guide to Starting and Keeping a Journal​

#1 Have no goals in the first week other than to spend ten minutes writing.  Let keep this simple.  Set aside one 10 min block (hint morning is best)

#2 Don't fuss about paragraphs, or sentences in fact - bullets are ok.

#3 Make the Journal Portable - carry it everywhere.  Feel free to just make notes.  Commit

#4 ​Don't edit yourself.  Just write.  Whatever comes to mind.  About this challenge.  The news.  Life events... have zero censor.

#5 Oh... and don't go out spend lots of money on this.  No electronics.  Pen, notebook.  SIMPLE.  Our goal is to write for 10 min non stop... every day and build on this habit.​

And that's it folks.  Start tonight.  This is a foundational TASK of the BADASS CHALLENGE ... so make start today.  Trust the process.  One step at a time will be added to this.​