#30DaystoBadass – Day 3 – 9 Tough Exercises to Eliminate Bullshit From your Life


What people often don’t understand is that being a BADASS isn’t due to luck. It isn’t due to your connections, it isn’t due to having wealthy parents, and it sure isn’t due to following the path you see on breakfast or late night TV.

Badassery is a mindset. Once you learn to adapt a certain badass mindset, badassery will come naturally.​  We must be able to change.

Being a Badass is a freaking mindset, because there are certain principles that exist.  They are like gravity. If you follow these principles, you will become a Badass.

Take a good look at the image I created in the right!  It originally said " 9 tough exercises to eliminate thunder thighs.."

Seriously!  ​

You’re going to die one day. You know that, right?

Perhaps soon…And when that day arrives, as you lay there in the hospital with freaking tubes hanging out of you; gasping your last, I doubt thunder thighs will be the distraction you will indulge in, and all that will mean exactly nil. You do understand this, right?

This is one of the lessons that I’ve learned after years of screwing up and self-development: focus on the principles.  Not people, money, image, things... capital P - Principles!

One of the core Badass principles, is having firm boundaries in my life, or in other words, not letting bullshit habits into your life.

This means say NO BS.  And Yes to Life.

Taking a stance when people or things try to mess with you.

Bullshit comes in many forms—it can be that nagging partner/co-worker/sibling who won’t stop draining your energy, it can be that 10th vodka and soda you drank, or it can even be your own thoughts.

Sometimes, negative self talk is the worst!  These are the worst kind of bullshit, because they’re in your own head!

Think about this:

1. Your mind creates your thoughts.

2. Your thoughts govern your beliefs.

3. Your beliefs guide your actions.

4. Your actions create your LIFE.

So with that in mind - The battle for your BADASS life is in your mind. If your mind is compromised - the war is lost!

Whatever form it takes, however, one thing is for sure—the bullshit in your life will indefinitely prevent you from succeeding. This is why it is URGENT that you cut it out, right now.​  

I'm not going to insult your intelligence.  You know whats BS and whats not.  We all do!  Still smoking?  That's BS - it kills.  Drugs??? Obsessing about an ex... come on.. move on.  Not going back to school because you are to old?  Seriously!!! So here are my thoughts about some buckets we need to think about!  

#1 Cut Out Bullshit Food/Drink

#2 Cut Out Bullshit Friends

#3 Cut Out Bullshit Habits

#​4 Cut Out Bullshit Thinking/Ruminating

#5 ​Cut out Watching TV Constantly, Forever Checking Texts, Facebook, etc = Obvious Bullshittery

#6  Cut out Spending Money You Don't Have​

#7  Cut out Not Taking Responsibility for What and Who you Are Right Now​

#8​ Letting you Ego Run Your Life... let the facts do that

#9 Cut Out Being so Damn Serious... ​

Indoor Cycling Mixes 30 Day Challenge - Day 3

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  Every one of those 9 points I bet has an action item for you.  I know I have.  And yes it scares me.  And yes it would be easy to not do anything.  But if you are reading this I think you want something new.  So lets do this.  I double dare you to post one action you want to take on right now on the private page.

Now I hope I have not offended you.  I'm just like you.  Muddling though this life as best I can.  In tomorrows blog I will talk about journaling.  Its all well and fine getting excited and motivated.  Now as we head into day 4 let start thinking about how we get all this out of our heads... into a plan and start getting shit done.  

Because at the end of the day that's the most BADASS thing you can do.  DO THE WORK.   ​