11 Songs To Lip Sync To in Spin Class, Because Celebrities Aren’t The Only Ones Who Own the ‘Lip Sync Battles’

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you lip sync in BADASS Style in Spin Class!

I don't care what certification you get - take a class with an instructor with a penchant for random mixing 1930 oldies ,country music, yoga, random indie punk and some other oddball tunes into some hacked together playlist that was probably just the random play on Spotify and that 60-minute class suddenly feels like a 2 hour ride through wet sand.

On the flip side, if you get a BADASS instructor who loves her music and who provides a playlist with a variety of rock, hip/hop, and techno, trance and yes old and new but with some sort of freaking theme - you’ll barely notice the roaring pain in your legs.

A BADASS instructor also knows how to choreograph the different drill positions used in class with the timing of their music.  No this is not dancing on the bike like some freak... but it FEELS right.  You are in a groove.

There is no better feeling than struggling through a high-resistance seated hill climb only to be rewarded with a downhill sprint as the song transitions into its chorus.​  YEAh baby! 

BUT ISN"T IT CRAZY WHEN YOUR INSTRUCTOR STARTS TO SING ALONG! - and only you guys know what I'm talking about!!!  You crazy spinning fanatics!

​I should say for me lip sync - rather.  God has not been kind to me with my vocal abilities.  

But sometimes I just loose my mind/body and zone in so deep I am GONE.  I'm singing along to that tune and I look up and holy F - I see the class singing along too!!!   MAGIC!

Now sing along class I know are not for everyone.  But I distinctly remember years ago this older instructor "retiring" from his spin volunteer job.  I accidentally showed up at his last class.  IT WAS PACKED.  He played all old country and western!  The class was for older folks and was early - and they LOVED HIM!  There were tears.  Who was going to carry on his much loved Karaoke class!  

And that my friends is why I love this community so much.  ​We have so much diversity.  All ages, fitness levels - from jocks to jokers!  The common denominator!  We LOVE THE RIDE!

A Crash Course in Lip Sync Badassery For Rockstar Instructor!

Since its release, Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball had its fair share of spoof covers but actress Anne Hathaway knocked it out of the park.  Study this and learn.  She is all in from the start... no holding this woman back.  

Here are my 11 of my favorite spin songs to Sing Along to, in no particular order:

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